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Post by Pyotr » Sep Mon 17, 2018 2:03 am

Can we stop the nonsense! Receiving a code violation for coaching doesn't automatically mean the player was cheating. The coach may have been coaching(as Patrick admitted to), but it doesn't mean the player saw it. If Serena didn't see it as she claims, why is she behaving as if this is some personal attack on her? Did Carlos call her a cheater? No, not that I'm aware of. Is she the first to ever receive a coaching code violation from Carlos? No.

Carlos didn't accuse her of anything, he accused her coach whom rightfully admitted to it(though he did try and throw Sascha under the bus). Yet, she took it personally, going so far as to invoke sexism and bring her daughter into it, why? I'm sensing some personal projecting from Serena.

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