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Aleksandra Wozniak requesting financial support

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Aleksandra Wozniak requesting financial support

Post by rex » May Thu 17, 2018 6:00 pm

Canadian player Aleksandra Wozniak, now 30 and currently ranked 336th, posted to her Facebook account that she needs financial support to pay tournament expenses for her and her team (coach) in order to continue her career. Apparently, Team Canada is not coming to her aid, thus the public petition for help.

Curious....went to the WTA site for info on her career earnings. She earned 2 mil and change (gross earnings).

Further, some tourneys pay per diem (meals and lodging).

Yet, have no idea what the expenses are for players on the Tours. However, cited a few cases by link: ... ayer.1136/ ... nnis-costs

As noted above, expenses are high for players, coupled with having to pay expenses (travel, lodging and meals) for coaches/hitting partner/physios as well. Some players have 3-5 people in their boxes, others just a coach. Unless one is a top player, has deep pockets and/or can offset expenses for oneself and team with endorsement money, I can understand Aleks' petition for assistance.
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Post by PeterSkan » May Sat 19, 2018 10:25 am

Too late - not gonna happen.
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