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PGame Indian Wells update

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PGame Indian Wells update

Post by Graveller » Mar Mon 18, 2019 4:09 am

I was only going to give the next review, but found some time to do it anyway:

Big winner of Indian Wells: Jeff in Texas.
He did a "double": winning both the WTA and ATP event. He is the first one who did this at Indian Wells. Congratulations!!
What is more remarkable: he also did it at the Australian Open in January. So up to now, every major event in 2019 (WTA/ATP) has been taken by him. Can he continue the streak @Miami?

Additional info; it is also his first ATP1000 title ever, AND his first Prem.Mandatory ever. And he - obviously - remains the #1 in the ATP PGame rolling ranking.

On the WTA-side, we see a change at the top of the rolling ranking. After 6 weeks at #1, Rex drops to #2 - he now has been #1 for 180 weeks in his career. New #1 is Graveller (for the 4th time), starting his 66th week at the top.
But that is expected to change in the coming weeks, as the difference between #1 and #4 (=Perdida) is less than 50 pt, with Rex and Wannadoo75 inbetween at #2 and #3.
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Re: PGame Indian Wells update

Post by CrossCourtBH » Mar Mon 18, 2019 12:52 pm

Very well done Jeff in Texas

Jeff in Texas
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Re: PGame Indian Wells update

Post by Jeff in Texas » Mar Mon 18, 2019 1:11 pm

Thanks, CrossCourt - Hard to believe I won both, especially with the stiff competition. Thanks to all who run the games and track the points!

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Re: PGame Indian Wells update

Post by rex » Feb Mon 06, 2023 9:45 am

This post has nothing to do with IW, but is the only thread I can post, as this site is now dead, save for the Skan. Ace has moved along it seems. Can't even post on the forum, as well.

Nevertheless, it was decent while it lasted and enjoyed playing the PD game.

Just a comment on the talented, Alycia Parks. Watched her win Lyons and has the potential to be one of the best, if not the best player in a slightly-above mediocre Tour. Late developing at age 22, but is Sisters-like in game and talent. Her lst serve does massive damage and her 2nd serve is just as good. Ground strokes are lethal from either side, drops, lobs, serves and volleys, including the use of the slice at appropriate moments, in addition to finishing at the net on deep returns, like Venus. Can go off the rails, though, with sloppy, careless errors and needs a little work in driving her ground strokes in moments, but can also recover with first-strike tennis. In the final against Garcia, loved her resolve to compete and eventually win in 2 sets in the face of a decidedly, but understandably pro-Garcia crowd ere a packed house (may have been the largest crowd she's faced, for she's been living on the ITF circuit and playing 125ks for most of her career up to this point). When she would get down on serve 0-30, she would come roaring back like Venus and Serena, firing off aces or unreturnable lst serves, dictating her game. Her movement is understated for her size at 6'1 and gets to balls like Venus, her court coverage is very good, as Venus was.

She wants to be top-10 by year's end and it's doable, provided she remains proficient with her game and doesn't go into careless error lapses, as she did in the semis. Physically, she's sculpted, cute and fine as all get out and has the potential to earn big money off-court with endorsements, provided she doesn't get side-tracked with attention (don't know how she'll react to such). Yet, she's got me excited by her talent and game, so much reminding me of the Sisters. Currently, she's 51st in "live rankings" and playing Linz now, followed up by Doha qualies. Definitely, keeping and eye on her and I'll be following her throughout the year.

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