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Results of wk#8, PGames in wk#9

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Results of wk#8, PGames in wk#9

Post by Graveller » Feb Mon 25, 2019 7:47 am

Last week we had 5 events, but only 4 winners.. so someone was very successful. And that person was Jeff in Texas who won both the main WTA and ATP event of the week.

P5 Dubai: Jeff in Texas, first win in this event
Int.Budapest: Graveller defends his 2018-title; first one to win this event more than once

ATP500 Rio de Janeiro: Jeff in Texas, another first win in this event
ATP250 Marseille: Perdida, first win in this event
ATP250 Delray Beach: Rex, first win in this event

This week is the run-up towards Indian Wells. Especially quiet on the WTA-side with only one event (and 3 on the ATP-tour)
WTA Acapulco: This event has been played 13 times (first time in 2002), and no one won it more than once. The 2018 title defender is Wannadoo75
ATP500 Acapulco: Jeff in Texas has to defend this one, and only Graveller won it more than once (2012, 2014)
ATP500 Dubai: There were co-winner in 2018, so two players need to put an extra effort here: Pyotr and 93tennisroyalty. The most successful players here are Graveller (2013, 2017) and Serenarulz09 (2009, 2010)
ATP250 Brazil Open (Sao Paulo): A fairly new event with only one recent winner in 2018: Wannadoo75.

Good luck to all, and enjoy the warm-up for an important month with two Premier Mandatories / ATP1000s
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