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Final Snapshot

Congratulations to TennisAnyone74 for winning the 2019 AO SKAN, and to Laughing Cavalier and Ace2Ace for 2nd and 3rd place finishes, respectively.
For the record, here is TA's winning combo:

Manager: TennisAnyone74
Team Name: The Summer Slammers
Points: 3013
D=982 |V=1740 |Q=291 |

Roster: (rank_sum=40)

ATP#1 Djokovic 1011
WTA#16 Williams (r5) 359
ATP#2 Nadal (r7) 550
WTA#2 Kerber (r4) 132
WTA#4 Osaka 716
ATP#15 Tsitsipas (r6) 245

Total Active Players: 2
Looks like 16 teams correctly had both ATP and WTA winners. Bravo!
TA led the way in Q pts, while Ace2Ace won the Domination crown
Thanks to all participants. On va vous voir bientot a Paris.

Semi-Final Snapshot

Still no change in the podium positions: 1. TennisAnyone 74 [2515 pts] 2. LaughingCavalier [2452 pts] 3. Ace2Ace 2349 pts]
TA and LC both have Djokovic and Nadal. I don't think the slight difference in their respective seedings of these players will change their standings. On the other hand, TA has Osaka and LC has Kvitova, so the women's final result should be the deciding factor
As for the rest of us [WTA]: 20 others chose Osaka, and 13 others chose Kvitova. No one has both Osaka and Kvitova, so 43 teams have neither
And for the ATP: 8 others have both Rafa and Nole; 59 have just Djokovic and 2 have just Rafa. Only 7 teams have neither
The two contestants with only Rafa are SpaceBarSlam [currently 37th place] and CrossCourtBH [currently in 66th place]. If Rafa wins, they will make big gains up the leaderboard
TA leads the Quality campaign with 235 pts, and Ace2Ace is the chief Dominator with 1044 pts
RandomSkan is out of picks and confirmed for last place. Didn't want to interrupt him at the craps table with the news.

Quarterfinal Snapshot

No change in the podium positions, with TennisAnyone [1950 pts], LaughingCavalier [1912 pts] and Ace2Ace [1790 pts] leading the way
Only TA ad LC still have 4 players left. It seems to be a two-poster race, though stranger things have happened.
Between TA and LC, both have Novak as 1st seed and Tsitsipas as 6th. Going forward their difference will be determined by their placement of the other two remaining players
TA has Rafa in 3rd and Osaka in 4th, while LC has Rafa in 4th and Kvitova in 5th
Apart from the other dynamics that brought them to this point, it appears tobe a showdown between the relative fortunes of Osaka and Kvitova going forward
TA leads the Quality campaign with 188 pts, and Ace2Ace is the chief Dominator with 896 pts
RSkan still has Tsitisipas - could he escape the basement? Does he care?

Round 4 Snapshot

All 24 teams that had been fully intact after R3 lost at least 1 player. Brutal! No one has the max of 660 Victory points, but two posters [TennisAnyone74 and LaughingCavalier] have 610 V pts.
Excluding RandomSkan, the point spread ranges from 627 to 1448
Our new leader is long time Skanner TennisAnyone74 [1448 pts], followed by Laughing Cavalier [1426 pts] and Ace2Ace [1412 pts].
Nadals continues to lead the Q pts race with 128, while Ace2Ace tops the D pts with 800
That miserable dog RandomSkan is well ensconced in last place, but seems somewhat oblivious to his plight.

Round 3 Snapshot

Down to 24 fully intact teams out of 78 contestants [good for 360 accumulated Victory pts].
54 points now separate the #1 and # 10 spots
Leader was long-time competitor nadals [1058 pts], followed by ever competitive LaughingCavalier [1050 pts] and a tie @ 1044 pts between TerraStar18 and FEBravo
Nadals topped the Quality pts with 53, and FEBravo led the Domination points with 674
Poor RandomSkan has tumbled to last place. Everyone expected that except him, of course

Round 2 Snapshot

53 of 78 teams have survived Round 2 fully intact [good for 180 accumulative Victory pts].
Only 36 points separate 1st and 10th place
skytennis moves to top spot [639 pts], followed by long-time contestant nadals [632 pts] and LewisCarroll stays in 3rd [628 pts]
Mighty RandomSkan falls to 75th place

Round 1 Snapshot

66 of 78 teams survived Round 1 fully intact [good for 60 Victory pts].
Only 19 points separate 1st and 10th place
Unusually, several posters earned Q points in Round 1 [for Berdych and for Venus]
Leader was Tenedab [313 pts], followed by skytennis [306 pts] and LewisCarroll [304 pts]
Good old RandomSkan notched in at 73rd place
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and listen with deep emotion,
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listen-your final pleasure-to the voices,
to the exquisite music of that strange procession

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