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New Haven is no more.......

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New Haven is no more.......

Post by rex » Feb Fri 01, 2019 5:13 pm

A Chinese sports sponsor has bought the rights to the New Haven Connecticut Open, is moving the event to China and is to be played the week following the conclusion of the USO. Sad, for New Haven had, imo, the best main court stadium in the States on the Yale University campus. Supposedly, the event is to be played in Zhengzhou City, China, but the WTA calendar for this year shows an event in Nanchang, China, commencing on Sept. 9th and is listed as an International event. So, now there is no warm-up event in the States for the ladies prior to the USO....

Petra K. has via a tweet already expressed her sympathies to the tourney director for New Haven, a tournament that is a favorite for her in this country outside of IW.

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Re: New Haven is no more.......

Post by Graveller » Feb Wed 06, 2019 8:09 am

I find this quite shocking.... Not a single event in the week prior to the US Slam in the whole of N-America?

So basically, anyone losing early at Cincy (incl top players) will have no opportunity to get some matches under their belt for two weeks after that.

The WTA-management lost the plot.
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